04 June 2012


not much progress on worldbuilding (I'll be sure to write up something in the coming week-or-so as I write some more), though I've been concentrating on cartography and physical characteristics of the world (circumference, climate bands etc), so thats translating in little being done in the worldbuilding department. I also have some leave coming up at the end of june/early july, so Ill try write up a short story.

Anywho, the below pic is a small exert from the world map as it stands now -still boring and uncoloured, though with the added difference of a slightly different border:

You'll notice the chequered border is now in line with the long/lat graticules (each graticule being divided into 5 - equalling 1 degree). I've since made the the chequered border thinner (keeping the map border itself the same size - 1" wide, added long/lat numbers to the map and added rivers and a faint paper texture.

now comes the arduous task of trying to replicate the region borders from the older equirectangular map onto this one... then i can continue with worldbuilding, working on the next nation in my long to-do list.  

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