16 July 2012

do we need more maps here?

not really, though since that's largely what I'm working on at the moment, that's what ill post.

Some more experiments in texturing and adding new regions (most of which are just placeholder names until I get round to detailing their histories. I've received some comments on other forums that the text box in the lower left is a bit off (particularly the font and the line-border design. I am working on new borders, though haven't been able to find anything suitable for the culture that made the map (korachan, where else :p)


  1. I love the grungy effect of it. The grid lines look great. The coasts and terrain look fantastic.

    This totally looks like something you would find buried amidst dusty old scrolls in some forgotten imperial library. Or on some kind of tanned and tattered hide hanging in an old sea captain's quarters.