22 July 2014

Stereographic World map of Elyden

The Stereographic world map of Elyden is probably the single largest undertaking since the flash of lunacy that caused me to start this whole damned venture! It measures 60” x 84” (a whopping 16,200 x 25,347 px) and it’s so big I’ve had to split it into 2 PSD files (one for the background elements, and another for the stereographic map itself) each around 3GB large.

Work is slow, partially due to its size and the time it takes to perform certain functions, like adding layer styles and filters, as well my sporadic work-schedule, which alternates between work on the map and other facets of my world-building. Also, every label on the map needs to be referenced  in my encyclopaedia, so that I don’t lose track of things (I have a notoriously bad memory, and especially given my irregular updates, I need all the help I can get with organising and remembering things) – nothing goes on any map I make without first at least entering a little note in the encyclopaedia (like: Khadon: city in northern Korachan).

Centre of the map, detailing the Firmament an the Atramenta

The map itself is designed to be an in-world creation, prior to the fall of Korachan, in the latter days of the 5th Age, and could conceivably hang up on the wall of a Patrician’s parlour or merchant-lord’s office. It’s divided into 4 main parts:
  1. the map itself, which is in a stereographic projection over 2 hemispheres (including polar insets).
  2. astronomical maps, detailing the northern and southern hemispheres, and skies and constellations contained therein.
  3. Satellite maps – 2 maps, each detailing the facing hemisphere of one of Elyden’s 2 moons.
  4. Text. There is to be quite a hefty wall of text, detailing all manner of things from the world’s history, regional maps, Demiurges, religions, physical information etc. Some of it may be quite boring (see this post for the physical characteristics), though it all adds to the effect of the style of map I’m looking for.

inset over the eastern Inner Sea

I’m looking for something similar to the below map for the finished product, though with possibly less physics/mathematics and more natural history (so less diagrams and more text), largely due to the fact that I’m quite anal with symmetry and can’t face adding those disparate diagrams! Also I'll try make the text a bit more legible!

From the David Rumsey Map collection at - http://www.davidrumsey.com

I’m still unsure of some things – particularly all the empty spaces around the globes. They’ll likely be filled in with text about various subjects though it’s the layout that’s bothering me mostly – as the text will be flanked by circular borders in most cases I’m unsure whether to go for square text block like the bottom of the map, or rounder text blocks like those used in the middle of the map, where I Describe the Firmament and Atramenta. I’ll probably find a compromise between the two, though its always difficult incorporating circular designs within a square frame.                 

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