27 April 2015

Out of the Void!

So, It’s been a while. The sporadic update trend continues and, unlike most updates I don’t really have anything to add to the posts below. No new maps or bits of fiction.

I’ve been busy writing a new story whilst polishing off my earlier novel, Twilight of the Gods (nee, Twilight of the Idols) and will be looking into getting an American Social Security number so that I can self-publish on Amazon/Lulu in America as well as Europe.

The new story is the P.O.V of an itinerant chronicler who travels with merchant caravans across the Sammaean mainland. It begins as a standard National Geographic-style travelogue, though will develop into a specific story that follows Chronicler’s (for that is his name) exploits over a 10-15 year period after he has settled down into the rose of an advisor to an enigmatic ruler who sets out on a pilgrimage to a land that promises answers to a question (existential quandary, really) that has been bugging him. I’m quite enjoying writing this one and do hope something comes of it.

I’m still updating my world map and also polishing up the first volume of the Encyclopaedia Elyden (the dictionary of terms) so that I can print it up as a reference document for myself (for now…) though that will take a lot of fiddly corrections and updating of entries so that they’re all standardised with one-another, as so far there a hodgepodge of entries spanning a near-10-year period and various different styles from vague bullet points to detailed entries.

My problem, as always, is one of multi-tasking (no jokes from the girls, please). I tend to stick to one subject at a time so cannot edit one story whilst writing another and so long as I’m writing I tend to spend little time on worldbuilding (unless a part of the story necessitates some) or cartography. Making matters worse is a friend of mine’s current work on the creation of a board game in which I’ve become heavily involved in rules design and playtesting (including the creation of the game-board itself when the time is right), which is taking away some other time.

So I’m thinking of finishing off the first draft of the as-yet untitled Chronicler story, after which I will concentrate fully on the editing and rewriting of Twilight of the Gods. I’ll then see to getting that published while I work on editing and rewriting the Chronicler story.

At least that’s the plan.

We’ll see whether or not that plan makes it alive to the enemy’s ranks (not that I’m implying you faithful readers are the enemy – you’re really not!)

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