25 August 2015


After a lot of deliberation, I'm really pleased to be posting this - I just launched my Patreon campaign. Through it I hope to be able to garner interest amongst those who enjoy what I've been posting here. The money I gain from it (if any) will go towards the creation of the Encyclopaedia Elyden and perhaps even a globe of the world.

Anyone interested in worldbuilding, serialised fantasy fiction, cartography or just fantasy in general, please check it out and help support my passion if you can smile emoticon

To those those who don't know, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows creative types to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per work.



  1. One of the worst times to lose my card! I'll make sure to donate once I get my new one (probably sometime next week). One question: by serialised novel, do you mean one which is published in a weekly or monthly installments?

  2. Thanks! The serialized novel will be updated with a chapter or two per month in a single post. you can choose how much to pledge per post and will only be charged once per post (i'll try to limit them to once per month).
    The Patreon itself will include more than the serialized novel posts, such as tidbits of info, map W.I.Ps as well as completed maps, hopefully flash fiction and other stuff. All these extra posts will not be charged, just the serialized novel posts. I am working on tiers so people who choose to give more per post will be rewarded with more cool, stuff, though I'm still working on what that stuff might be