09 September 2015


I was going through my sizeable Pinterest account and realised there's a lot there that has served to inspire Elyden over the years. Though it's become more about cooking, cheesemaking, bookbinding and bonsai (all of which are hobbies of mine!), it started out as a place where I could share images that I found inspiring or in some way helped convey what I thought Elyden was about.

I've changed my Pinterest boards over time, dividing generic boards that were burgeoning under the weight of pins into separate, more specific boards for ease of reference, and I've ended up with quit a few that, visually, at least, when boiled down together resemble something that Elyden might actually might be. Now, of course due to copyright issues I never post theses images next to stories or concepts. If my Patreon ever takes off, I'll be able to use some of the funds it generates to commission art to use throughout the blog and my works, though for now, such art and fashion will still inspire me.

Blow is a link to the boards most relevant to Elyden and my artistic style in general:
Fantastical & Creepy Character Concept Art: title says it all really, character concept art that I think stylistically fits in with what I imagine the world of Elyden to be. On average most of the images in this gallery might a bit too strange for the generic feel of pre-apocalype Elyden, though they sure feel right for post-apocalypse Elyden, in particular the city-states of the Surrach following the Sundering of the Shadow. Strange uniforms, deformities, interesting characters, a touch of the surreal and inexplicable - all these things help make Elyden what she is.

(c) Wizards of the Coast - Igor Kieryluk 
(c) David Giraud
(c) rhineville
(c) sekigan
artist unknown

Fantastical & Grotesque Fashion: good cosplay, real-world cultural costumes, movie costumes/prosthetics, high-couture, elaborate headdresses, pretty much any thing my Alexander McQueen :) This is the fashion that inspires Elyden. Court garb, baroque patricians, shamen, cultural fashion. I love all this stuff!

source unknown
source unknown
source: darkbeautymag.com
source: feist-style.de
Woodabe tribesman. Source unknown
Alexander McQueen

Fantastical & Grotesque Landscapes and Fantastical & Dark Cities & Structures: landscapes and architecture that help convey what Elyden is all about. Grand vistas, decay, and monolithic lands. Though most pins on these boards are concept art, the real world can sometimes be so amazing, I have to include photos - be they unspoilt lands, scapes of pollution, or whatever.

Moroccan Kasbah
(c) Wizards of the Coast - Igor Kieryluk
(c) Wizards of the Coast - artist unknown
source: feedily.com - artist unknown
source: feedily,com - artist unknown
Equipment, Items & Jewellery: name says it all: objects with the right amount of creepy, surreal, religious and functional aesthetics. I like creepy stuff :)

Reliquary of the Jaw of St. Anthony
Medusa by Melissa Grakowsky
Preserved Drake - source unknown
Hellraiser Puzzle Box - source unknown
source: narrowboatinfo.co.uk

I have many other boards on my Pinterest, including some pertinent to Elyden which might nor be for those of weak dispositions, such as Skulls & Bones and Oddities and Other Miscellaneaso head on over and follow whichever ones you're interested in :)

also, if anyone can help source the unsources images, please contact me so I can update them :)



  1. Hi. These collections are awesome, and I enjoy your blog very much!
    I believe this photo (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-i6aTLs7Mpcw/VfEhcipdraI/AAAAAAAAQNk/4F-3yefhe30/s1600/53a8e8b3cba89ecad15f41fbeb5f49bf.jpg) is the Seer from Vikings (TV series).

    1. ah thanks, didn't know that. seems a bit too weird for vikings!

    2. Yeah he looks totally weird! I actually freaked out the first time I saw him (and also the priests from Uppsala). The makeup is very effective.