14 February 2016

Atlas Elyden - index

Here's a mock-up for the Atlas Elyden index, regarding the 3 entries I have so far (Korachan, Pelasgos, Azazem). So far it's turning out to be an average of just under 1 page per entry, though some entries may have more or less labels, depending on the latitude (Desert and polar regions tend to be a lot more sparsely populated than temperate regions - go figure!)

Atlas Elyden - index mock-up
 the pages are temporary, as I don't have enough entries to be able to start laying out the Atlas yet, though as I get closer I can start to come up with placeholder pages (for instance: pages 17/18 will be dedicated to Ahrishen, pages 19/20 will be dedicated to Almagest, etc.). The Inner Sea region needs no less than 25 individual maps, most of which will be 2-page spreads. The whole world will need at least 125 individual maps, and that's excluding special maps (trade routes, pilgrimages, political, resources, war etc.)

I've also started work on the Hareshki map, which shouldn't take too long to get done as it's one of the regions that I'm more familiar with and has been explored in maps before. I'm prepping the Almagest map even as I work on that one and have something special and secret I'm tinkering on that will exercise my 'artistic' skills (largely dormant since I abandoned art about 10-years ago.

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