24 September 2016

reddit AMA - Sunday September 25th

I'm doing an AMA about the world of Elyden on the /r/worldbuilding reddit tomorrow at 18:00 (GMT +1). This isn't going to be a live AMA that will only be open for an hour or anything, so if you can't make it at that time, don't fret, just ask something and I'll reply. As long as i find comments I'll continue replying to them.

This will be mostly themed towards worldbuilding aspects so ask about things like cultures, religions, toilet habits, themes, etc.

For those of you who don;t know AMA stands for ask me anything, and, well, that's pretty self explanatory. It's used in this case as a way for worldbuilders to tackle subjects and questions that they otherwise might not have thought of. Hopefully something productive will come of it.

Thanks :)

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