22 May 2012

And on the second day...

... more about maps.

As i said in the earlier post I'm currently slightly obsessed with maps. The first iteration of the map in the first post was a drawing on an A3 piece of card, just simple pencil outlines ouverwritted with a fine ink pen, though by the time I finished it I was already looking to other means of drawing my maps - Gimp, Photoshop, etc. I took a photo of it and used PS to add layers and built on it. this is the original photo, taken about 4-years ago:

It's changed a bit since then, though general outline has remained the same - large dry continent (Sammaea)to the south, the Inner Sea and Dark Seas in the middle, and the more temperate continent (Llachatul) to the north. The map a bit land-intense, so i warped the coastlines, making most seas, gulfs, bays, oceasna ect slightly bigger or with conaved coastlines (if that makes any sense), through no worldbuilding need as such, though to make it more balanced, in a manner of speaking.

Using bevel and emboss, textures and masks on various layers i built up the seas and lands, to get a more realistic map, with contours and a feeling of depth to it:

I was quite pleased with it at the time (i was still relatively inexperienced with PS, though as I kept on looking at it I realised it wasnt in the 'in-world' style i was looking for. Themap i wanted was meant o be something to have come from the world itself. This looked too computer generated, so I went on and made the map that I showed in the first post.

I'll post something about worlbuilding here too soon, I promise :)

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