28 May 2012


Another quick worldbuilding post today. I was finishing off the history of a region called Arkos an came up with the gran idea of having the main empire in the world (the Korachani empire, to you) split in two… about 300-years before the present. Of course, I have hundreds of thousands of words written down saying otherwise, but I thought it was a good thing to do and speaks of the worlds’ corruption in a more tangible way.
         This just means I have to do a small spot of rewriting to get all other regions I’ve mapped/fleshed out retconned to go with this change. An lot of painstaking work to get the land in line with my new vision. But is it worth it? Who knows. I had the idea while thinking of ways to have the world further devolve in line with my new ‘crawling-to-apocalypse’ setting and reasoned it made sense and was more characterful (sort of like rome and constantinople) and it allowed me to move away from a few creative corners i had written myself into (yes war for the shadow and the helix im looking at you :p - more on that later) 

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