Thursday, January 24, 2013

world map

Hey all. Just thought I'd post a quick WIP of a world map I've started working on.

Yes, its yet another large wall-map, though i tend to like these maps that show off a large area. At this stage the map is more of a colour and style study than anything else, though it also helps me see the layout of things so I can plot things better. Looking at this, the first thing that strikes me is how long it is. ill probably increase the height of the background, which will also give me more room for other details and information.

It also serves to show off the more distant parts of the world to anyone interested. The projection is stereographic, so there is some degree of distortion around the edges of the maps, though distance is constant throughout, which is generally the point with these maps. It's intended to be a stylistic map rather than a reference one and when done will probably end up being something akin to the map in this link (this link), as well as to this real-world counterpart:

Also, on the worldbuilding front, I'm busy fleshing out another region of the world: the City-kingdoms of the Hareshk. I'm also getting close to finishing a new map for that region (look at me, ever the multitasker!). This map includes something i've never really looked at before: heraldry, and comes after a good few months of research and book-buying (yay! adding to my home library is always fun!). though the world isn't the real world, i like to base some things on reality and the laws and rules of heraldry seemed like something interesting to extrapolate from. Of course I've not stuck religiously to the real-world rules of heraldry (particularly metals and colours), though most changes do have an in-world explanation.

I'll post the regional history together with the finished map, though for the time being here's a snippet of the WIP on the map itself: