11 May 2016

Atlas Elyden - Skaros

Skaros is a land with a long history, dating back to the dawn of the Fifth Age of mortal life, where the lascar people settled the eastern coast of the Gulf of Skaros. They prospered, spreading to the south and east before outside powers in the east stalled their growth. They would dwindle, their ancestors becoming the forebears of Laaskha and Bassorah, as well as Skaros.

By the coming of the Korachani empire, Skaros had become a powerful region with a history of charismatic, if ruthless, leaders who had a propensity for wielding the Atramenta against follower and foe alike. This was further exacerbated by the Korachani exile of its ancient witch-rulers, the cheiroahin, into Skarosian lands. Many cities in the south-east of Skaros retain their old Atramental traditions.

The civil war, known now as the War of the Artifexes, left Almagest (to the north of Skaros) an independent nation, sundered from its once-parent empire, taking with it a large portion of Skaros’s northern territories - a blow Skaros never fully recovered from. Though it remains today a valuable part of the Korachani empire’s economy, it remains known to most around the Inner Sea as a land of occultists and shipyards, a stereotype its people fight hard to shed. In truth, the Skarosi people see themselves as the descendants of conquerors and explorers, and the finest Atramentists in the empire.

Atlas Elyden: Skaros 

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