24 May 2016

Laaskha feedback!

So I’m working on the next map in the series – Laaskha. It’s mostly done, though still requires lots of labels (though not as many as some other maps as its quite zoomed in, as you can see by the graticule scales).

Laaskha WIP inset

I’m posting it to get some feedback as there was a lot of dead space in the lower right and I decided to include an inset map (my go-to thing for dead space!) of the western coastline, showing the coastline around 500-years ago. In a nutshell, sea levels have been steadily dwindling over the past centuries, leaving many coastal cities land-locked and coastal salty lakes where once bays were located. I intend on adding a dotted line to the inset to show the present coastline and cities as they were 500-years ago as they are quite different.

My question is the elevation map in the inset map – of course as the sea level is higher in the inset map, the other topographical elevations should not match up with the other map, but should be higher up, if that makes any sense. I can do this (though it may take some time to go over all the elevations to make them appear higher. But is it worth it, or does it even make sense?

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