02 July 2016

ATLAS ELYDEN #10 - Vaalk

“At the end of all things there will remain only one. When the seas are gone and the land is dust and death, one being will be left, observing. As Elyden dies He judges the actions of those who perish. He is the Knower. He is the keeper of tales, the rememberer of histories, the crux of all knowledge.”
- Vaalkan Legend

Atlas Elyden #10: a map of Vaalk 

The Knower is more than national folklore, he is the closest thing the people of Vaalk have to a religion. He is such a part of everyday life that people justify their actions by thinking how the Knower will judge them. “By his actions will the Knower Judge him,” is a common grave quote.

Vaalk was once a Korachani territory, though following the Sundering of the empire in 3705 RM the empire lost most of its southern territories to the Reformed empire of Sarastro. Vaalk, whose loyalty to the Archpotentate Malichar (ruler of the Korachani empire) was absolute, resisted Sarastroan takeover and fought against his forces for 31 years before being finally defeated. Worship of the undying machine was, which was never strong, slowly died, and was replaced with a more fervent worship of the Knower. It remains now as a martial territory and its armies still look to Malichar as a patron.

* * *

This one was done relatively quickly - the topography and most of the labels were already done thanks top my older maps, and it was a relatively small land area to work with. The large empty space in the top right corner will likely be filled in with something informative (maybe a city map of the capital or a zoomed-in version of somewhere else, not sure yet).

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