03 July 2016

Encyclopaedia Elyden and the Inner Sea map

This is a little post to show my followers what I'm aiming towards.

These maps I've been posting are part of an in-world atlas, known as the Atlas Elyden, which is the fifth volume in the so-called Encyclopaedia Elyden, which is a 5-volume book detailing, in meticulous effort, the world of Elyden, which I have been working on for about 10-years now.

  • Vol 1 is the traditional encyclopaedia (think Encyclopaedia Britannica). Currently 450,000 words - this is the most comprehensive volume so far. 
  • Vol 2 is the natural encyclopaedia, detailing things like physical characteristics (astronomy, geology, continents, climate, flora and fauna, and various miscellania. Currently 85,000 words - certain parts are finished whilst others are little more than place-holders so far. 
  • Vol 3 is the travelogue, detailing both extant and extinct nations, city-states and major cities. I imagine this to be like the regional portion of an RPG campaign setting. Currently 200,000 words. Many regions are fully-fleshed out, though most are still just a title and little else. 
  • Vol 4 is the mystical book, detailing religions, mythologies, creation stories, and magic. currently 50,000 words - apart from the creation myths and generic magical info, this book needs the most fleshing out by far, though it would be the smallest book once completed, anyway. 
  • Vol 5 is the Atlas, containing all sorts of maps in the style of the atlas maps ive been doing so far, including different scale maps, so it will eventually feature cities, continents, world maps, featuring different things, like climate, trade, politics, etc. Iv'e barely scratched the surface of this book so far, and only really have these 10-maps finished, out of possibly hundreds... 

Inner Sea map outline 

The above map shows just one region (equivalent to the Mediterranean in our world) and all the maps I've done so far. My short-term goal for the project is to flesh out the so-called Inner Sea region, with an eye towards an amalgam map (one at A3 size for the atlas, and another at A1 for a poster). The A1 map would not just be a scaled up version of the A3 one, but will be redone from scratch as the A3 map will (due to size constraints) have a lot less labels than the maps I've made so far, so will only feature major cities and features. The highlighted area in the map above shows the area that will be covered by the Inner Sea map (at both scales)

So that's that :)

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