09 May 2015

The Encyclopædia Elyden

Today’s post is about the good-old The Encyclopædia Elyden, something I’ve been beavering away at, on and off, for the past 10-years or so, now. More on the history of the The Encyclopædia  can be found HERE.

What I’m posting today is a link to the first chapter of the first volume, the entire A-listing of the volume, to give an idea of what I’m aiming at, and, if possible, in the hopes of getting some feedback on presentation and flavour.

I’m aiming for an old Encyclopædia Britannica feel to it, with entries not too specific and intended to be read-in world (so in writing them I hoped to convey an in-world feel, with no blatant real-world references.

I’m constantly updating the book with new entries as I write fiction or add regions to the map or add new creatures or titles or what-not, so it’s a constant evolving work, though I am hoping to soon come up with a template for entries so that, for instance, all entries pertaining to map locations adhere to the same format. That will help tie entries together, though I hope to also include some ‘faux’ imperfections, like researcher error or printer’s errors, though that will necessitate 2 versions – one in-world version for readers and another master version for myself, and keeping the two updated might be a bit too much work for now.

My goal is to one day print this, at least for myself, so that I can have some physical proof that my worldbuilding was not wasted. I’d love to publish it, but worry it might be a bit too wordy.
Which brings me to the point of this – anyone out there in the ether of the internet, can you please give me your opinion about such a book? I intend to add some simple woodcut style iages for some of the animals, maps for nations and heraldry and other simple designs, though nothing veering too close to contemporary illustration – so no blatantly digital images, for instance.

Would that interest readers?

Anyway, here’s the link to the first (A) entry of the Document
(please note the first 2 pages are blank)

03 May 2015

Pythagoras and line of sight

The things I end up doing for this world. So, this happened earlier on today:

I was writing a scene where my main character (the so-called Chronicler) is looking out from a plateau to a sweeping vista below and, since he’s a smart guy, used to conversing with philosophers and mathematicians and explorers and cartographers, I figured he’d know how far the human eye can see on a level plain (or if not the actual distance, at least the means of calculating it.

Now I’m not much of a mathematician myself though I know enough of Pythagoras’ Theorem to be able to calculate this. Luckily my polar/equatorial/mean radius for Elyden have been in place for a while now (seethis post for more statistics for the world), and I could easily (or arbitrarily) calculate the other numbers needed – basically the height of the character and the height of his elevation (since he was on a plateau is reasoned that was 55.5 feet). A bit of tinkering with numbers, and some googling later and I found this.

s = sqrt (2rh + h^2)

I was able to calculate that characters of average height can see an average of 3.54 miles on a clear day, given no intervening terrain. This is more than the 2.9 miles for earth since Elyden is larger. So, all that work (and close to 30 minutes), for a throwaway line that will probably get removed in later edits. At least I have some more information to add to the Encyclopaedia!