09 September 2018

Atlas elyden #22 - Lidea

Atlas Elyden #22 - Lidea

Lidea is a relic nation, bearing fragments of earlier nations, such as the Naahi empire and the City state of Conth, both of which were descended from the older and far greater Thym, which dominated northern Sammaea in the Fourth Age. Ruins and abandoned monuments of the Thymi empire can still be seen in the Jaellan plains and Atugur, though they are half-buried and eroded, their names unknown to most. More recent in the collective memories of Lideans are the ruins of the Korachani empire, which, following its sundering in 3705 RM abandoned the region to the reformed empire based in Sarastro, in the east. Most structures were converted by the Sarastroan government, though elsewhere they were left to rot or were torn down.

The region had been under Korachani control since 911 RM, after which lacer territories in the east (then controlling a 200-mile wide corridor between Ba’ath and Lidea) were destroyed. The people of Lidea acheived independence in 1280 RM, following the slaying of the Shaper Sæchin in Artalscelli, though Korachan later regained control in 1421 RM.

The river Shibboleth, one of the longest and most storied rivers in all of Elyden was dammed in Æthios in 2943 RM with the creation of the Alaundel dam, negatively impacting life downstream, including Lidea. Over subsequent years many settlements located along its course died after its flood cycles stopped. This was true of various nations along the course of the Shibboleth and forced the Korachani empire to send troops into Æthios in 3002 RM, finally destroying the dam in 3017 RM. Though by then most of its manufactories had fallen silent, the landscape changed by the appearance of the dam, the patrician and magnate houses that operated them, moving elsewhere.


01 September 2018


So, there’s been a bit of a radio silence on my blog over the past year. For those who are unaware, I’ve basically switched over to my Patreon page – don’t worry, all the content you used to see on here – maps, lore, history, etc. – will still be available there free-of-charge, but there is bonus content to those who become paying patrons, such as access to map PSDs, higher-res files, textless maps, more detailed lore etc.

however, I thought I’d upload some of the maps I made over the past year here, more for completeness than anything else,

So please find various regional maps here over the coming days, as well as links to more details with each map:

Atlas Elyden #21 - Ezasuh and Tahall
Ezasuh and Tahall