12 August 2012

My lovely Inner Sea

So I've been hard at work trying to finish off a decent web-version of the Inner Sea map (the print version is still far from completion however, as I want to wait until I flesh out most regions before I commit to the 150€+ cost of having it printed out).

The below pictures are the 'culmination' of years worth of work. I'm finally happy with the colour palette and overall feel (though I'm surprised at how different it looks on different monitors - my Asus Transformer, for instance, shows it very yellow while my laptop screen is more balanced) though I'm sure I'll keep on tinkering as i spot things I don't like.

I've divided the image into quarters so i can upload it at a higher res.






  1. Very nice maps. It was definitely worth years of work.

  2. Man I love that map! I don't think I ever asked before; did you have the story in mind first, or did you start with a blank map and fill it in as you went?

  3. Um... well I explained in some earlier posts (i think) that Elyden was the evolution of other settings i had created beforehand, so while I had a vague notion of the flavour and character of the world when I drew the first version of the map all those years ago, i had no nations in mind, so it was just a doodle that got out of hand that i them applied to the world that i was thinking of.

    then i started writing the first version of the shadow and the helix, which was based in Temuja (temur on the map) neighbouring nations grew around it. Then I decided its about time i made a full map. Nation names I either came up with from scratch (like Korachan) or recycled from the 'best' (subjective, of course) from older abandoned settings (like laaskha, venthir, ahrishen and almagest).

    So a bit of both, but mostly - map first, world later.

  4. That's more or less my modus operandi. I think it's due to the way I view real world history/discoveries - it was always there, we just didn't know about a lot of it until we hoisted sail and began to wander around. Names are hard to pronounce, cultures are strange, languages sound goofy, but it's all so AWESOME! Probably the anthro/history nerd in me...I love that guy.

  5. That's actually a cool way of looking at it, never really thought of it like that before -unveiling the different cutures and places. I like!