14 February 2016

Atlas Elyden - index

Here's a mock-up for the Atlas Elyden index, regarding the 3 entries I have so far (Korachan, Pelasgos, Azazem). So far it's turning out to be an average of just under 1 page per entry, though some entries may have more or less labels, depending on the latitude (Desert and polar regions tend to be a lot more sparsely populated than temperate regions - go figure!)

Atlas Elyden - index mock-up
 the pages are temporary, as I don't have enough entries to be able to start laying out the Atlas yet, though as I get closer I can start to come up with placeholder pages (for instance: pages 17/18 will be dedicated to Ahrishen, pages 19/20 will be dedicated to Almagest, etc.). The Inner Sea region needs no less than 25 individual maps, most of which will be 2-page spreads. The whole world will need at least 125 individual maps, and that's excluding special maps (trade routes, pilgrimages, political, resources, war etc.)

I've also started work on the Hareshki map, which shouldn't take too long to get done as it's one of the regions that I'm more familiar with and has been explored in maps before. I'm prepping the Almagest map even as I work on that one and have something special and secret I'm tinkering on that will exercise my 'artistic' skills (largely dormant since I abandoned art about 10-years ago.

11 February 2016

AZAZEM Atlas Map

the Demesne of Azazem 

Here’s the next WIP on the Atlas Elyden: the Demesne of Azazem; one of the original seven nations assimilated by the empire of Korachan, near 4,000 years ago. It has been a major producer of food throughout its presence in the Korachani pantheon of nations, though its role has changed over time, as overworked farmlands have now been replaced by dross farms and hundreds upon hundreds of square miles of greenhouses that are fed by aquifers. Dross, is an artificial grey slurry made to sustain the working classes of the empire and is made from mosses, grains, recycled food and water, charnel and (in some cases) the bodies of the dead (think Soylent Green, but bad J ).

Next on my to-do list are either the region of the Haréshk or the Republic of Almagest. Both are amongst my favourites: Almagest is one of the oldest regions I ever came up with and splintered from the Korachani empire almost 1,000 years ago so has developed its own character. The capital and city of Almagest is one of the largest metropolises in Elyden and is a dystopic version of manhattan, with 2 rivers that are mostly hidden beneath vaulted regraded streets of rusted steel and grey stone. It’s a city of multiple levels and gigantic manufactories all connected by walkways and gantries. It was once a thriving centre of astronomy and industry though starvation has seen it diminish of late, with large areas disused or inhabited by degenerates and destitutes. Cagerunning (Elyden’s version of freestyle running) is common amongst the young. Almagest will likely be one of those maps that will have a small city insert detailing the major city districts – something I;ve wanted to do for a long time.

The second choice – the Haréshk – is one I have visited before, albeit in a more antique style, so will be fun to revisit in the Atlas style, updating it to match world events.

So which is it to be?